4 Car Renting Habits

I live in the UK. I don’t have a car but I don’t really like to commute in public transportation much. My solution? To rent a car weekly, or may be even monthly if I can.


Commuting for me is a very pain in the head. During rush hours, you will have a lot of competition to be able to get in the train, or even the taxi’s and buses. Well, I don’t really like to go through all that every day from time to time. I’d rather let the competitions get ahead of me from stepping in the vehicle than me getting pushed with their bodies.


Anyway, I rent a car from car renting companies and it did me a lot of good results. I won’t have to wait in public places, waiting for public transportations. I don’t have compete with many passengers for the transportation. It was actually a bliss.


I was renting car for almost a month until I noticed that I don’t actually really know a lot renting a car. There was one time that I was renting a car for just certain hours. I rent, then I paid – the usual. But then, when I looked again at my receipt, I noticed that the total amount of charge that I paid was almost the same as when I rent a car for 1-2 days. What an outrage, that was. I feel cheated but then, what do I know? It was such an experience. Because of it, I practiced a certain habit of doing certain things whenever I am renting a car.


Here are 4 car renting habits that I always do:



Get quotes for weekly rentals

Well, you know my experience. I just rented a car for just certain hours and the total amount of charge was already the same as the car rent for 1-2 days. Because of this, I make it a habit to get quotes for weekly rentals. As I have been making this a habit, I eventually learn that: the longer you rent, the less it’ll cost per day. And this made so much sense when compared to my past experience of car rent expense.


Double check currency conversions when comparing prices

I have also many experiences in renting a car in foreign countries and boy, currency conversions can be a pain. Some foreign-based car rental company sites uses fudged conversion rates that make the price in dollars look cheaper than the price that will actually show up on your credit card bill. Make it habit to usually check currency conversions. Check it yourself. I recommend that you use Oanda for your currency conversion.


Pay upfront

It is good that you pay for your rented car when you booked. Make this also as your habit. The advantage is that, for the next time you book, you may likely be able to get a discount.


Read the fine print

Whenever you rent a car, make it also a habit to read your car rental reservation voucher. Familiarize yourself with the company’s rules, terms and conditions. There may be certain information’s that the employee or the agent forgot to mention to you when you had your conversation for the booking, may it be personally or through the phone.



These are the things that you, as a car renter should be making a habit of doing. This are all just easy task. It doesn’t hurt if you do make these as a habit. It will certainly gain you better result, knowledge and advantage.

Car Rental Costs in UK

I love to travel with my family across Europe and since we don’t have a car, we rent one. I already have so many experiences in renting a car as I also rent almost every week for my transportation in going to my office as well as dropping off my children. I do rent a car because it saves me from the pain in going through public places to wait for the public transportation. It is after all hard to be able to get in as you will have many competitors in getting one especially during rush hours.

In Europe, not all car renting company have the same rates. It is wise if you have general knowledge’s about their costs. You must be fully aware of the factors that changes the car renting rates.



The Tax is clear and consistent within each country but it doesn’t hurt to double check the quoted price right? I make it a habit of mine to read all the reservation vouches, the receipts and other fine prints whenever I am renting a car.



The biggest potential for an increase in amount whenever you rent a car is the insurance, even if the rental price supposedly already includes the insurance.


Theft Protection

I experienced this added cost amount when I rented a car in Italy. Their charge was about $20/day.


Extra Driver(s)

If you do want to have an extra driver, most companies would then charge for about $5 to $25/day. Be informed that when you let an unlisted driver take the wheel, your insurance will then be void.


Child-safety seats

Child seats are usually about $15 to $70 per day if you’re not bringing any of your own.


Other add-ons

Other add-ons are for the automatic transmission, GPS, winter tires, and ski racks. Some of the companies like the Avis and Hertz offers Wi-Fi in their cars usually for $10. Aside from these add-ons, there are also emergency roadside assistant available if you would want.


Airport pick-up

When I do rent a car in foreign countries, I do pay more of the rentals because of the airport pick-up. It is very convenient because I get to have hassle free arriving and get to be comfortable as soon as possible with the pick-up car.


International drop-off fees

For drop-off in a different country, it is usually $100 to $300. Well, some may even charge for about $1000 or more. The farther the distance between your start and end points, the higher the fee.


Other fees

There may be other fees that where not mentioned to your by the employee or the agents, so it is better if you have read the reservation voucher and other fine prints to be able to know if ever there are other fees that were charged to you.





  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Parking


When you do know the factors for the changes of each rates of the different car rental in UK, it will be a lot easier for you to weigh down your options into choosing the right and the best car rental company. It can totally save you the amount of money for a certain unnecessary expense.

Tips in Renting a Car

Renting a car may seem just an easy task but it is not. You need to be informed and should know a lot of things before you are opting to rent one. Based from my experience in renting a car, there are certain factors in which you need to learn and dig deeper of its information because it can help you. That decision alone can either cause you a beneficial result or maybe a disadvantage one.

It is actually in your hands whether you have chosen the good quality car or the best company, the only thing you need to do is to choose. Not just plainly choosing but choosing wisely.


Here are some tips in which could help you in renting a car:


Which Rental Company?

Before, I would just choose any car rental company that my friends and family would recommend. And if I am already satisfied with that experience, I will not bother to try other car rental companies anymore and that was my mistake. We need to be able to try and experience other company’s services so that we may be able to compare their services in terms of quality and cost. Usually, it is more advantageous that we should go to larger companies with a wider choice of pickup and drop-off locations. The two major European-based agency are Europcar and Sixt. There are also many US rental agencies stationed throughout Europe. When I was able to experience the services of these large companies, whenever I had a car trouble, I was able to get a car replacement almost as easy. Be sure to choose a company that thoroughly covers the areas where you will be driving.


If you are a foreigner, you should also try the experience of renting a car through a consolidator, the Auto Europe and Europe by Car. It was easy renting a car through consolidator. You just have to pay the consolidator and then they will issue you a voucher to pick up your car in Europe. Auto Europe is my favourite. The consolidator will be acting like your middleman in transaction so whatever your questions are or your concern, do ask your consolidator and be sure to have all your papers in keeping for future references.


Choosing a car?

I usually opt to choose the smaller ones because smallest ones are the least expensive, mostly. Well, money is not just the only reason that I chose the smaller ones. It is also because of the Europe’s road spaces. Whenever I use larger cars, I will always have a hard time manoeuvring it because of Europe’s narrow and winding roads. Although, the right car will always be depending on your reason. If you’re traveling with many friends, then choose a larger car. If you are traveling with just few persons, then choose the smaller car. It is that simple.


Choosing a Pick-up (and Drop-off) Place and Time?

I tell you, do refrain from choosing a major destination as your starting or your pick up because chances are, that places will be overly crowded. You can start in the not-so-small and not-too-crowded city or town but only during weekdays, not on weekends. You can pick up your car in the airport but do take note that its charge will definitely cost more.


And these are the helpful tips that I can share with you in renting a car in Europe. There are many car renting companies stationed in Europe. Choose Well and Happy Driving!




What It’s Like To Live In The United Kingdom

After living in UK for many years, I can surely assure you folks that everything you needed are all there. I am still living UK and I could not dare to go to other country and leave. UK is my home. I have got everything I needed as well I will be needing.

One thing about UK that most people like are the car rentals. It is so easy to rent a car in UK. Aside from it being able to rent cars easily, there are also lots of car rentals that you can choose from. It is truly unique as most other countries does not have a lot of car rentals. Well, there may be are for most of the countries but it will be very difficult for you to be able to find a renting company. It would be most especially difficult if you are a tourist yourself.


When I went to other country, I was so disappointed when I was not able to find a car renting company when I got there. It took me quite some time to be able to find one. There was also almost no complete information if ever there is one. I asked a lot of people if ever they knew one and most of them couldn’t even answer my question because they do not know.

Most of them are not aware. If they are not aware, what more to myself? I was there in a foreign country and commuting for me was very troublesome. I am not like most of the people who would love the company of others. I would rather prefer to be with myself and that is why I need to rent a car, to travel the places I want to travel, with only myself. Intend to be able to look for a car rental in that country, I tried to search online using the internet as well as some of the social media platforms, but nope, there was none. Well, there are some but information’s on them was incomplete.


Well, enough about myself, what I needed you to know is that car rentals is really that important for most of the people. There are many advantages that renting a car can give to these customers and especially the foreigners.


Because of my experience in that other country, I wanted in my own country, I can give to the foreigners, the benefit of private transportation during their stay. I established this company of mine to be able to help those in need of a private car.


Our goal is to give you the advantage of being able to rent our cars anytime to your convenience. We have built a website for the people to be able to know and look for us in the future if ever they need one. Aside from our website, we have social media accounts in which many people can talk to us for reservations, suggestions, comments and other concerns. After all, it is also a convenience for the customers to be able to see us present in these social media platforms, right? And also because of my experience, I am greatly advocating this.